We Offer Over a Century of Experience in Contemporary Interiors

Melgrati  has been serving the high-demand market for Italian Contemporary Interiors since our founding in Brianza, Italy in 1892. The fact that we’ve been delighting customers for well over a century with our high-quality Contemporary Interiors testifies to the enduring quality of our work and service.

Melgrati has remained a leading provider in this specialized area because of the supreme quality imbued in all our work.  Not only do offer premium interiors designed that our sourced directly from Italy, but we go the extra step of providing personalized and attentive services that ensure the final product reflects your exact vision.

Indeed, we’re so dedicated to personalized services that we’re able and willing to adopt any new designs and finishes not yet present in current production in order to meet your unique needs and preferences. Melgrati applies a steadfast commitment and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to realizing your personal vision.

To that end, we work only with contractors, interior designers, and architects of the highest caliber, so that we easily produce a custom interior space just for you. Through innovative and state-of-the-art methods, Melgrati can offer incredible versatility for every project that comes our way. From small sized interiors to large residences, we have options for just about every type of space.

Rest assured that Melgrati is by your side throughout your project.  We’ve got you covered from production to management, helping you to save time, money, and peace of mind. Our experienced personnel stay up to date on all applicable international regulations and codes to guarantee a timely and streamlined process. That’s been our promise for over a hundred years.

To learn more,  gives us a call 1-786- 219-7517.

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